The World's Most Beautiful Peak: Grosser Bettelwurf

The Bettelwurfhütte lodge is perfect for trips to the Großer Bettelwurf
To mark its 150th birthday, sports equipment manufacturer Mammut selected it as one of the 150 most beautiful peaks in the world. The company has also come up with a truly mammoth project.
To celebrate its 150th birthday in 2012, some 1,400 climbers in 40 countries will set out to climb the 150 most beautiful mountains in the world, including spectacular giants over 8,000 metres including Mount Everest.
This list of the most stunning mountains also contained a prominent peak in the Hall-Wattens region: The Große Bettelwurf in the Karwendel range (2,726 metres) is one of the world’s most beautiful mountains. The winning summits are due to be climbed by selected teams as part of the worldwide birthday celebrations. The agenda includes the Großer Bettelwurf in the Karwendel Mountains, the Wildspitze in the Ötztal Alps, the Kellerjoch in the Tux Alps, the Wilder Kaiser in the Northern Limestone Alps between Kufstein and St. Johann in Tirol, the Serles in the Stubai Alps, the Similaun on the Schnalskamm ridge on the border of South Tyrol, the Große Ochsenwand in the Kalkkögeln (the Dolomites of North Tyrol), the Schlick, the glacial Weißkugel in the Ötztal Alps, the Zugspitze in the Wetterstein Mountains, and Hochvogel and Mädelegabel on the border with Bavaria. The list also includes Austria’s highest mountain, the 3,798 m Großglockner on the border between East Tyrol and Carinthia.
  • Grosser Bettelwurf
  • Grosser Bettelwurf
  • Grosser Bettelwurf
What criteria did the jury apply to selecting the 150 most beautiful peaks in the world?
Does a beauty contest for mountains also include size? Yes! After all, a mountain has to reach a minimum height otherwise it would just be a hill. But the decisive factor is the overall experience offered by the mountain. Climbers can see the shape and appearance from the valley before experiencing the mountain’s character on the climb, which can be gentle or a little more arduous. A break for refreshments in a lodge provides evidence of its hospitality before enjoying the views from the summit.Countless hikers and climbers in the Karwendel have long waxed lyrical about the unique experience of climbing tours of the Kleiner und Großer Bettelwurf, and have taken these striking peaks to their hearts.

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