The Lizumer Zirmweg in the Wattental

Powerful place in the Hall-Wattens region

The Wattener Lizum and the hike along the Zirmweg

The Wattentaler Lizum also known as Wattener Lizum is located at the eastern end of the Wattental valley, which branches off from the Lower Inn valley at Wattens. The term Lizum is closely related to alpine pasture and indeed, several alpine pastures can be found in the Wattener Lizum.

The hike along the Lizumer Zirmweg

The ancient Lizumer Zirbenweg or "Zirmweg" leads on the eastern side of the valley along the Lizumerbach to Melang. The path continues over alpine meadows to the Innerlannalm (1.684 m). For the next 300 metres in altitude the Zirmweg climbs up the beautiful Swiss stone pine forest to the Lizumerhütte in the Wattental (2,019 m). The valley impresses with its fantastic flora and fauna. The blossom of the Alpine roses in June is a particularly highlight of the hike.

This hike is part of the three crystal hikings in our region. Check out our hiking map with the stamp stations in particularly interesting places. There you will find detailed information about our three available crystals: the Hall valley salt crystal, the rock crystal of the Tuxer Alps and the sparkling Swarovski crystal. For each collected stamp you get the respective crystal as a souvenir for free at the Hall tourist office.

The powerful place Zirmweg in the Wattental

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The Lizumerhütte in the Wattental


After a leisurely 2,5 hours hike, you reach the Lizumerhütte. There you can relax, enjoy traditional Tyrolean food and indulge in the breathtaking view of the Tuxer Alps from the cosy terrace. The Lizumerhütte is open all year round and is one of the highest mountain huts of the Austrian Alpine Club, Hall Section.

Furthermore, the hut is equipped with a seminar room including beamer, audio and internet. Especially in winter, various avalanche training courses take place here. Beds in a dormitory or in a double/quadruple room can be booked in advance online.

By the way, many long-distance hiking trails cross the Lizumerhütte such as the Inntaler Höhenweg, Adlerweg, Via Venezia Alpina and Glungezer & Geier Weg and the seven TuXer summits.

Important! The area around the Lizumerhütte is a military training area of the Austrian Armed Forces, i.e. walking trails can be closed during military exercises. For more information about closing times please contact the hut keeper (+43/664/9272117) or the military training command (+43/50201/6442010 or +43/664/6225428).

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Alp village, alp cheese and alpine pig in the Wattental


After a 1,5 hours ascent from the Lager Walchen camp you reach the idyllic alpine huts of Melang, located at 1,850 m above sea level.
Several farmers deliver their milk to the alpine dairy of the Außermelang Alm, which is run by Thomas and Margit Klingler. The Wattener alp cheese is so special because it is boiled over a wood fire. A total of 100,000 litres of milk are turned into cheese each summer and about 1,200 kilograms of butter are produced.

Above Melang, at about 2,000 m above sea level, lies the Aussermelann Almhochleger, where you can find Tyrolean alpine pigs of the Klingler family. These free-range pigs definitely enjoy the summer outdoors. The delicious and tender meat is sold in the delis of the Hörtnagl company.

Shortly before the Lizumer hut you will find the Lizum alpine cheese dairy, where you can purchase various cheese specialities such as the "Lizumer Almkas" and "Lizumer Kasermandl" (Tilsit) at the self-service farm shop.

The Chapel of Christ the ing in the Lizum


The chapel at the Lizum military training area is located at an altitude of almost 2,000 m and is one of the highest chapels in Austria. The only military chapel in Tyrol was built in 1961 according to the plans of Major eng. Josef Schumacher. Due to its location on a hill, it is visible from afar, especially at night, as the cross on the tower is illuminated.

Most of the materials used for the construction were taken from the Lizum area such as the beautifully coloured slate for floor and staircase and local timbers i.e. larch for shingles.

The altar table
The altar table built of Lizumer slate is a folk altar and was modern at that time. The window front behind the altar can be opened, so it is possible to celebrate mass on both sides. A Christ is attached to the altar cross on both sides and a large rock crystal serves as cross base.

The outside
On the outside of the church there is a mural painting by the Tyrolean painter Raimund Wörle, which shows the resurrected Christ between a mountain soldier of World War I and II. It is a war memorial for the fallen of the mountain troops of both wars. In 2004, a grille was installed in the church so that every visitor has now access to it. In the rear part of the church a painting by the local artist Christian C. Haider was installed in 2007.

Winter in the Wattental

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The Wattental and its areas around the Walchen camp and the Lizumerhütte are ideal for ski tours. When exploring the unique landscape, please respect the wildlife in the area. Furthermore, do not underestimate the risk of avalanches, so please check the daily avalanche bulletins.

The avalanche training camp at the Lizumerhütte

Especially in winter it is important to be aware of the dangers associated with adventures in the mountains. For this purpose avalanche training camps are offered at the Lizumerhütte.

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The Geier

The Geier

The Geier

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