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Powerful Place. Lizumer Zirmweg in the Wattental valley

The Wattentaler Lizum (popularly known as the Wattener Lizum) is the eastern end of the Wattental valley, which branches off from the Unterinntal valley at Wattens. The word "Lizum" is closely associated with alpine pasture and so there are several alpine pastures in the Wattener Lizum.
The etymological variation or origin of the name is as follows: Lizum ---> lizun---> lozone ---> lozza ---> [ lutum, lat.- feces ]. The original word "lozza" comes from the Romansh and means "dungy ground or pastureland", which in turn indicates that these areas were used as mountain pastures very early on. Under Bavarian settlement, the name changed to 'lizun', which later became the current name "Lizum". (Prof. Dr. Anreiter, University of Innsbruck)

The Zirmweg power spot in the Wattental valley at a glance

  • Fantastic hiking area: Crystal hike
  • impressive flora and fauna
  • Cultural life TIrol - Alpine villages Melang and Wattener Almkäse
  • Lizumerhütte and LVS training camp
  • Walchen camp: Military area
  • idyllic ski touring area

The hike on the Lizumer Zirmweg

The ancient Lizumer Zirbenweg or "Zirmweg" leads along the Lizumerbach stream on the eastern side of the valley to Melang. Here it crosses alpine meadows to the Innerlannalm (1,684 m). For the next 300 meters in altitude, the Zirmweg climbs up the beautiful stone pine forest to the Lizumerhütte in the Wattental (2,019 m). The valley captivates with its fantastic flora and fauna. The alpine roses in mid to late June are a particularly colorful experience.

This hike takes you into the mysterious realm of crystals. In addition to the Haller salt crystal in the Absamer Halltal valley and the sparkling Swarovski crystals, you will also find the rock crystal of the Tux Alps on this crystal hike. A stamp confirms this and you can look forward to a small souvenir gift from the Hall tourist office.

The Lizumerhütte in the Wattental valley

You can draw strength from consciously walking - probably everyone who has embarked on a trail with all their senses has felt this. You can experience this power particularly well on the Lizumer Zirmweg. Accompanied by bubbling mountain streams, you breathe in the scent of Swiss stone pines, whose name this place of power bears, and immediately feel the positive effect of the olfactory mixture of healing terpenes and resins.

After the leisurely 2 1/4 hour hike, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Tux Alps from the terrace of the Lizumerhütte. The Lizumerhütte is one of the highest Alpine Club huts open all year round and belongs to the Haller Alpenverein section. The Lizumerhütte is also often used as a seminar hut and is particularly popular in winter for various avalanche training courses.

The hut has 45 beds in double and quadruple rooms and 40 beds in a total of 3 dormitories. The "Graue Wand" room with 10-12 beds can be booked for groups. The house also has 3 showers, drying rooms and four dining rooms. The seminar room is well equipped with beamer, audio and internet. An info point provides daily information about the current avalanche situation. There is a boulder climbing wall in front of and inside the hut. There is an emergency helicopter landing pad at the military training area.

Many long-distance hiking trails cross the Lizumerhütte, such as the Inntaler Höhenweg, Via Alpina, the Adlerweg, Via Venezia Alpina and the Glungezer&Geier route.
The area around the Lizumerhütte is a military training area of the Austrian Armed Forces. The hut landlord or the TÜPL command (Tel. 050201/6442010) will be happy to provide you with information about the respective closing times.

Lizumer Hütte (2,019m) in the Tux Alps
The Lizumer Hütte is located in the middle of the alpine pastures of the quiet Tux Alps on the Inntal High Trail and the Munich-Venice Dream Trail!
Hiking Wattener Lizum 2016 ©hall-wattens.at (104)
Alpine village, Alpine cheese and Alpine pigs in the Wattental valley

After the first third along the Zirmweg trail in the Wattental valley, turn left to the Almdorf Melang. After an hour and a half ascent from the Walchen camp, a wonderful panorama opens up of these delightful alpine huts, which are located at 1,850 m above sea level.

A total of seven farmers supply the milk to the dairy at the Außermelang Alm, which is run by Thomas and Margit Klingler. The main reason why Wattener Almkäse is so special is that a wood-fired oven heats the cheese vat, rather than the usual electricity or gas. In the past, the milk was taken to the Lizumer Alm and processed there into cheese and other specialties. But since 1996, they have been making their own cheese on the Außermelang Alm on the Wattenberg. A total of 100,000 liters of milk are processed into cheese each summer and around 1,200 kilograms of butter are produced.

Above Melang, at around 2,000 meters above sea level, is the Ausserlann Almhochleger. This is where the Klingler family's "Tyrolean Alpine pigs" are kept. The animals have found their happiness there, away from the hikers, and enjoy the summer. The tender meat is sold in Hörtnagl stores under the name "Tiroler Almschwein".

Just before the Lizumer Hütte, between alpine huts and Swiss stone pines, you will find the Lizum alpine cheese dairy, which offers "Lizumer Almkas" and "Lizumer Kasermandl" (Tilsiter) in a self-service fridge. The cheese can be purchased directly from the dairy as well as from wholesalers.

Hiking Wattener Lizum 2016 ©hall-wattens.at (87)
The little church for soldiers above the Zirmweg in the Wattental valley

The church at the Lizum military training area stands at almost 2,000 m above sea level, making it one of the highest churches in Austria. It is the only military church in Tyrol and was built in 1961 according to the plans of Major Josef Schumacher. Due to its location on a hill, it is visible from afar, especially at night, as the cross on the tower is illuminated. It is dedicated to Christ the King.
Most of the materials used for the construction came from the Lizum: the beautifully colored slate used for the floor and the steps, the wood donated by the municipality of Wattens and the larch shingles.

The altar table:
The altar table, made of Lizum slate, is a popular altar and was modern at the time. It is designed in such a way that the landscape with the mountain peaks forms the altarpiece, which symbolizes the kingdom of God. The window front behind the altar can be opened, making it possible to celebrate on both sides. During services with larger groups, services are celebrated facing outwards. For this reason, the same Christ is placed on both sides of the altar cross and a large rock crystal serves as the base for this cross.

The outside:
On the outside of the church is a mural by Raimund Wörle, which shows the Risen Christ between a mountain soldier of the 1st and 2nd World Wars. It is a war memorial for the fallen of the mountain troops of both wars. In 2004, a grille was installed in the church so that every visitor can gain access. At the back of the church, the artist Christian Haider created a painting with 3 keuzen in 2007.

Military dean Werner Seifert

Hikes along the Zirmweg



Lizum Stone Pine Trail

12,03 km

04:30 h

617 hm

2019 m

Aufstieg zum Glungezer


The Inntaler Höhenweg trail

75,75 km

30:40 h

4967 hm

4529 hm

2794 m

Ski tour on the Hirzer ©hall-wattens.at
Winter in the Wadden Valley

Protection for flora and fauna
The Wattental valley and its areas around the Walchen camp and the Lizumerhütte are ideal for ski tours.
In addition to the numerous species of wildlife that can be found in the Walchen ski touring area, there is also a stone pine protection forest under the Grafennspitze, which protects against avalanches, rockfall and mudflows. At these high altitudes, a young tree needs at least 30 years to assume its protective function. It is therefore important not to destroy the young plants and to stick to the prescribed routes because of the red deer.

The LVS training camp at the Lizumerhütte
Especially in winter, it is important to be aware of the dangers of mountains and avalanches. Functioning equipment for searching for avalanche victims should always be part of your equipment. To this end, the Haller Alpenverein offers a permanent avalanche transceiver training camp at the Lizumerhütte.

The Geier


Ski Touring

3,58 km

02:30 h

835 hm

2853 m

Ski Touring - Hirzer - Wattental Valley


Ski Touring

6,70 km

04:00 h

1372 hm

4 hm

2722 m

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