Kaisersäule Thaur Kraftort der Region Hall-Wattens

The imperial column in Thaur
Powerful place in the Hall-Wattens region

Directions to the Imperial Column

How to reach the imperial column in Thaur?
Many are the paths leading to this wonderful viewpoint and magical place of power, but a common route is certainly the one from the Halltal Valley over the col called “Törl” till you reach the Kaisersäule. There is another option which is to start in Thaur respectively at the parking lot "Thaurer Alm". After a few minutes walk you can either continue along the easy forest path or for the active amongst you, there is a steep trail called Haslbergsteig after the Adolf-Pichler-Weg junction.
After approximately an hour walk on the forest path, you reach a scenic lookout bench where you may see other hikers who are coming up from the Gasperlsteig from Rum. Once you have reached the Thaurer Alm, you can enjoy the wonderful panoramic view over the Inn valley. After another 40 minutes walk and an elevation gain of 200 metres you finally reach your goal, the Kaisersäule. Advice: The sign “KS” on the trees stands for the abbreviation of Kaisersäule.

The place of power - the imperial column in Thaur at a glance

  • fantastic hike high above the Inn Valley
  • idyllic Vintlalm
  • traditional local food at the Thaurer Alm
  • the imperial column in the middle of the Karwendel Nature Park
  • a place full of history: visit of Emperor Franz I. of Austria

The history of the imperial column in Thaur


The 11.38 metre high pyramid was erected in memory of the visit of the Austrian Emperor Franz I. The monarch had visited the city of Hall and the salt mining site in the Hall valley on October 21, 1815. The artwork was originally made of wood and replaced by a stone pyramid in 1839.
Probably not only the Austrian Emperor was stunned by the fantastic view of the Inn valley, the column still attracts many hikers today. Whether the monarch was carried up in a palanquin, as it is said, or went on foot is not documented. The fact is, that the inauguration ceremony of the new stone pyramid was depicted by a German painter and the painting can be found in the Hasegg Castle in Hall.

Imperial Column Cross in Thaur


In 1980 the winter sports club of Thaur donated this wooden monument made by local artists to commemorate those who lost their lives on the mountains.

The Thaurer Alm


The alpine pastures in the Karwendel and around the Thaurer Alm were already used in pre-Christian times. The pastures had a vivid history with changing tenants but today the municipality of Thaur is the owner of the Thaurer Alm. Cattle graze over the summer months on the alpine pastures and hikers and mountain bikers alike adore the idyllic mountain landscape.
Photo: Old Stanglalm/Thaurer Alm before the fire (1920)

The Vintlalm


Also the Vintlalm has a vivid history with changing owners. Due to the steepness of the terrain, the small alpine pasture is difficult to manage however a few goats and sheeps can still enjoy the summer months in this unique surrounding.
Photo: View to the Vintlalm from the Thaurer Alm

The meadows below the imperial column


Near the imperial column you can admire beautiful grasslands. In former times these soils were vital for the village farmers. However working on these steep fields was very demanding and the hay transport down to the valley was no cakewalk either.
The farmer with the scythe has gone but the beauty of the flowering meadows still remains.

Hikes around the imperial column in Thaur