Snowshoe walking

Ideal conditions for snowshoe hikes: Perfect silence, except for a gentle crunching, as one walks softly and safely on the snowy surface, into which one hardly sinks at all. The region of Hall-Wattens features endless forests and amazing alpine trails, which make it a particularly popular winter hiking area.
Breathtaking winter scenes can be found at practically every turn along the natural hiking trails in Halltal Valley – Absam, which, despite its length of only around 6 km, is one of the most versatile valleys of the Northern Limestone Alps. And the circular hiking routes through the Wattental and Voldertal Valleys, through Tulfes, Gnadenwald, Fritzens or Baumkirchen also reveal whole new sights and insights into wintry locations.

Guided winter hikes for guests staying in the Hall-Wattens region


Hall-Wattens Tourist Office
Tel.: +43 5223 455440

Attention! If snow is insufficient, a regular hike takes place!
Please ask about guided tours at other times!
Information for groups: Hall-Wattens Tourist Office, Tel.: +43 5223 45544-0, Fax: -20, E-mail:

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