NEW: Glungezerhütte climbing area

Hall Alpine Association has restored an old 1980s climbing area situated on the climb from Glungezerhütte alpine hut to the Sonnenspitze, and equipped it with new fittings. Some gentle routes with a variety of difficulty levels are now available near the hut for training or simply for enjoyment. In conjunction with the Glungezer via ferrata, this offers a whole host of new new rock climbing enjoyment.
  • Glungezerhütte climbing area
  • First climb in the new climbing area
  • Varied climbing
The via ferrata crosses the Blockwerk-Hänge slopes of the Glungezer and has three relevant positions (well secured, but challenging throughout). The normal climb and the via ferrata meet at Glungezerhütte alpine hut. Form here you can tackle another two peaks, the Glungezer and the Sonnenspitze.Contact & Information:
Hüttenwirt Gottfried Wieser
Glungezer 1, 6075 Tulfes
Tel. +43 (5223) 78018
Fax +43 (5223) 56022
Email: glungezerhuette@glungezer.at