Regularly guided tours Hall in Tirol

The 700-year-old town of Hall is situated 10km to the East of Innsbruck. During the Middle Ages it was much larger and more important than today's federal capital, Innsbruck. The town flourished in the 13th century because of the vast deposits of salt in the area. The importance of the town increased dramatically, when during the 15th century the ducal mint at Merano in South Tyrol was moved here. Minted here was the first silver coin, the Thaler, which became the predecessor of the American dollar.

Occupying a prime location in the town's historic core is one of the finest squares in Austria, the Obere Stadtplatz. Of special interest here are the late-Gothic St Nikolaus parish church and the old town hall. Hall's civic authorities have won a number of awards for the successful restoration of the old town.

Guided tour through the medieval Old Town. Sightseeing includes the Obere Stadtplatz, the Town Hall, St Nikolaus parish church, the St Magdalena chapel and the Stiftsplatz (duration of tour: approx. 1 hour)

Regular guided tours (possible year-round):

Monday, 10:00 am
Thursday, 10:00 am
Saturday, 10:00 am

Meet at: Tourist office, Unterer Stadtplatz 19

Price for the regularly guided town tour

Adults EUR 8,00
Adults with guestcard EUR 4,00
Children EUR 4,00
Children with guestcard EUR 2,00
Town guided tour & Mining museum "Combi" ticket
Adults EUR 10,00
with guestcard EUR 5,00
Children / with guestcard EUR 5,00 / EUR 2,50