Zirbenweg am Glungezer (22)

The Swiss stone pine trail at the Glungezer

Powerful place in the Hall-Wattens region

Directions and information

Wonderful panoramic hike through the largest pine forest in central Europe. If you start in Igls, take the gondola to the Patscherkofel top station at 1,964 m. From here the Stone Pine Path leads 2,000 metres above sea level almost flatly to the Tulfeinalm, where you walk down to the middle station Halsmarter. It takes approximately 1 hour at a leisurely pace.The gondola will bring you back to the valley station in Tulfes. The tour can also be done vice versa.

News: For the 2020/21 ski season, Tulfes is replacing the old chairlift with a new telemix cable car that combines chairs and cabins. The new lift will bring you from the Tulfeinalm to the middle station Halsmarter.

The Alpine Garden
The Patscherkofel Alpine Garden is the highest botanical garden in Austria and was founded in 1930 by the Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck. Interested visitors (free admission) can follow the signposted circular walk and learn more about this particular but vulnerable habitat.

Alpine rose blossom on the Zirbenweg
The alpine roses are a species of dwarf rhododendron which bloom during June and July. The brightly coloured pinkish-red flowers have hairy edges to the leaves and sometimes grow over limestone. The blossom of the alpine roses is always a great spectacle and something you shouldn’t miss.

The Zirbenweg round-trip ticket
You can buy a round-trip-ticket at the bottom station of the Glungezerbahn. It includes the bus ride to and from Igls as well as the transport with the two gondola lifts Patscherkofel and Glungezer. To find out more about the current timetable and ticket prices please visit the Glungezerbahn website. You can download the Zirbenweg hiking map here.

Powerful place Swiss stone pine trail

at a glance

The oldest stone pine in Tyrol at the Glungezer Zirbenweg

Natural monument

The oldest stone pine in Tyrol at the Glungezer Zirbenweg
The Zirbenweg at the Glungezer leads through one of the largest Swiss stone pine population in Europe. It is the home of the meanwhile 750 year old Swiss stone pine in Tyrol. The so-called Methuselah tree was declared a natural monument in 1926. Numerous animal and plant species have created their habitat in and around this particular tree. The high growing lichens, for example, make the tree look very mysterious and various species of woodpeckers have chosen the tree as their nesting site.

The Glungezer gondola lift

Glungezer gondola lift

The 10-seater gondola lift has been in operation since the 2018/2019 winter season. For the upcoming ski season a new ski lift that combines chairs and cabins will be installed. The new lift will bring you from the Tulfeinalm to the middle station Halsmarter.

Therefore, in summer 2020 only section 1 (valley station to Halsmarter middle station) will be operated. Section 2 (middle station to Tulfein) will be closed due to construction works!

Kugelwald at the Glungezer


Set in a natural forest, the alpine adventure playground "Kugelwald at the Glungezer" has the longest outdoor marble run in the world. The wooden balls travel down various pinewood tracks and make their way through the forest. For more information please visit the website Kugelwald.

Winter at the Glungezer

Skiing at the Glungezer

Besides skiing, ski touring, snowshoeing and tobogganing, the Glungezer also offers a premium winter hiking trail. It is located at about 1,600 m above sea level and starts in front of the middle station of the Glungezerbahn. Just follow the pink signs. Enjoy the fantastic views of the Voldertal, the Inn valley and the snow-covered Volderberg. This easy walking trail is suitable for the whole family.

Winter tours at the GlungezerDetails

The natural product Swiss stone pine - souvenirs made of Swiss stone pine


Swiss stone pine is a popular wood especially in Tyrol and is used for beds, wall claddings, furniture, carving and decoration due to the positive effect on the well-being. The characteristic and refreshing Swiss stone pine oils is used for the treatment of various ailments and helps to de-stress. Furthermore, the traditional Swiss stone pine schnapps or liqueur is made from the juicy Swiss stone pine cones. Various products such as a water jar with a Swiss stone pine ball on top, a Swiss stone pine cushion or cube can be purchased at the Hall tourist office.

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