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"Reimmichl", Priest and Poet, Sebastian Rieger

Reimmichl Kalender (2)
The Roman Catholic priest and poet, Sebastian Rieger, aka "Reimmichl" (born 28th of May, 1867, in the municipality of St. Veit in Defereggen; † 2nd of December, 1953, in Heiligkreuz, Hall in Tyrol), gained great fame and popularity among the population as a people’s poet. After attending at the gymnasium (academic high school) in Brixen, he joined the seminary and was ordained as a priest in 1891. As a popular poet, he released tales and stories in the "Tiroler Volksboten" newspaper. He worked there as an editor as from 1897. It was around that time that he received his pseudonym "Reimmichl", which was a reference to the original, who lived in Sexten, "Michl", a shoemaker, who also became a distinguished storyteller. From 1914 until his death he worked as a chaplain in Heiligkreuz in Hall, Tyrol.

The "Reimmichl’s Volkskalender" almanac (formerly "Tiroler Kalender" from 1920 - 1925) has been released since 1925. He wrote novels, tales and amusing stories. His literary works feature both an entertainment and a morally-religious educational value and promote a sense of identification with the Tyrolean patriotism that he expressed.
The complete works and memorabilia of "Reimmichl" can be found in the

Reimmichl Museum
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The Reimmichl Museum celebrated its 15th anniversary in the year 2009 .

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Selection of literature:

Reimmichl. Eines Volksdichters Leben und Schaffen (A popular poet’s life and works). Dedicated to Reimichls 60th birthday by Verlagsanstalt Tyrolia, Innsbruck-Vienna-Munich 1927

Herta Neurauter: Reimmichl als Tiroler Volkserzähler und Erzieher (Reimichl as a Tyrolean folk storyteller and educator), Dissertation, Innsbruck, 1950

Hans Brugger: Der Pfarrer von Tirol (The Tyrolean Priest). Reimmichl und seine Geschichten (Reimichl and his stories), Innsbruck 1972

Dr. Walter W. Sackl: Reimmichl-Hausbesuch (Reimichl house call). Ernste und heitere Geschichten (Serious and amusing stories). Erinnerungen (Memories). Tyrolia, Innsbruck 1989