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General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions
of the Tourist Office Region Hall-Wattens

I. Scope, Completion of Contract

The Tourist Office Region Hall-Wattens acts as facilitator when entering a business relation with a guest requiring a reservation. Therefor a contract is formed between the guest and the accommodation establishment (BU). Thefollowing general terms & conditions apply to such a contract subject to the version applicable at time of booking. Possible demands out of this contract can only be asserted directly with the contracting party without any liabiltywhatsoever to the Tourist Office Region Hall-Wattens. The Tourist Office Region Hall-Wattens acts under the express condition with the guest that the reservation as well as the placement thereof falls under the ruling of the Austrian Hotel Terms &Contitions (ÖHVB)” concluded on 15.11.2006 as well as the following additional General Terms & Conditions are effective by law.

The ÖHVB can be downloaded from the following internet link:

II. From the ÖHVB the section „Cancellations“ is herewith specificaly quoted in parts:

1) Until latest 3 months before the agreed arrival day, both parties, i.e. the guest as well as the BU, may cancel the reservation contract without any due cancellation fees on either side. The writting cancellation must reach thecontracting partner within this period of time.

2) Until latest 1 month before the agreed arrival date the guest may cancel the reservation contract subject to a respective cancellation fee. The written cancellation must also reach the contracting partner within this period of time. Acancellation fee of 40% of the package price is payable.

3) In case of a cancallation up to 1 week before arrival day, the applicable cancellation fee is 70%, within the last week 90% of the package price.

The Tourist Office Region Hall-Wattens offers a cancellation insurance to every guest when placing a reservation. The insurance fee is payable by the guest.

III. Additional General Terms & Conditions:

1. The contracting partners agree on Austrian law in respect of the accommodation contract as well as the booking process made on behalf of the guest.

2. Side agreements were not made.

3. Amendments or additions to this contract have to be made in writing.

4. Any disputes arising from this business action – also about the nature of this business action – are at the sole jurisdiction of the municipal court in Hall in Tirol.

5. Place of performance for all services by the Tourist Office Region Hall-Wattens is the municipality of Windischgarsten.

6. The accommodation establishment confirmes explicitly that all bookings made on behalf of a guest are subject to the Austrian Hotel Terms & Conditions; in addition the accommodation establishments confirms the receipt andknowledge of the entire content of the General Terms & Conditions and accepts same in full for every booking made on behalf of a guest.

7. The Tourist Office Region Hall-Wattens processes data for persons and establishments with attention to the data protection act. The received data are exclusively ascertained, processed and used as far as is necessary for substantiatinons,arrangement or amendments of our own or facilitated busines relations. The Tourist Office Region Hall-Wattens is entitled to pass on data to its contracted partners as far as is necessary to process reservations and requests. On the explicitagreement of the guest, the Tourist Office Region Hall-Wattens is further entitled to use and process the data received for means of consultations, advertisement, marketing research as well as offers meeting specific demands.

8. No liability is accepted for the contents and its accuracy of the accommodation establishments as well as the picture material provided.Imprint according to ECG

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