Culture for everyone

The Hall-Wattens region has a rich cultural heritage with reference points from all periods of history. It could be the lovingly restored Old Town of Hall in Tirol, Burg Hasegg with its newly renovated Mint Tower and Hall Mint Museum, the world-famous Swarovski Worlds, the castle dramas in the ruins at Thaur or the many churches and monasteries to be found in the region's traditional villages. Dedicated lovers of culture will have a fascinating and unforgettable time here in our region, which lies just to the east of Innsbruck.

In recent years, the region has made itself a name not just as a place with many historic and cultural monuments, but also as a venue for high-quality cultural events. So, for example, there's the Easter Festival, run in collaboration with the city of Innsbruck in the spring of every year, the "Sprachsalz" event, now well-established in literary circles, or the Music in the Giant series at Swarovski Crystal World and "musik+" in Hall. The "Kulturlabor Stromboli" and "Galerie St. Barbara" in Hall also organise interesting drama, art and cultural events throughout the year - and these enrich the whole region.

Culture & Events overview