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Tyrolean Medicinal Herbs

Health with the Power of Nature

Already many centuries ago, medicinal herbs formed the basis of naturopathy and health in monasteries and are no longer underestimated by scientific medicine even today. If one knew at that time still too little about the effect, then the herbal medicine is today most exactly investigated. In the meantime, natural medicines are produced from about 500 medicinal herbs and plants, which are increasingly found in our home pharmacies. It is not always necessary to buy the herbs in the health food store or pharmacy.

If you are out in nature and keep your eyes open, with a little knowledge you will very soon recognize the most diverse Tyrolean medicinal herbs. We distinguish between medicinal plants, wild herbs, edible flowers or leaf salads.

Every year we present you the medicinal plant of the year, which is always determined by the natural healing association Theophrastus.

The bee and the honey

Honey bees are probably the best known and oldest beneficial insects. Without their pollination help, many fruits could not develop, and honey and wax, which have become important for us, would not be available. As early as about 7,000 years ago, Stone Age man was engaged in honey extraction, as rock drawings prove. Wild honeybees built their nests in hollow trees or other cavities. Already in ancient times, bees were used as pets by beekeepers (domesticated) and kept in wooden boxes or baskets.

Especially in recent years, the bee has been in the media again and again: as animal of the year, but also because of its importance for the ecosystem. Due to the influence of man, the food supply for bees is becoming increasingly scarce. They therefore belong to an endangered species that absolutely needs our protection. Each of us can take action here by planting appropriate flowers. Gardens and public green spaces offer many opportunities to create habitats for bees. In front of the tourist office in Hall there is a beautiful flower meadow, which is a magnet for insects.

Tuesday, 10.30 a.m. From flower to honey

Tuesday, 10.30 a.m. From flower to honey
Tuesday, 10.30 a.m. From flower to honey

As part of the weekly summer holiday programme, we go on a walk in Tulfes to look for local flowers and herbs and learn a lot of interesting facts about the interaction between humans, nature and insects.


Honey for a cough

The liquid gold - the honey that bees give us is not only a popular sweetener but also healthy! It is known as a home remedy for colds and coughs, but honey also has healing properties for other ailments. Honey contains many important antioxidants, it can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and improve blood lipid levels.
Externally, fresh bee honey from a good beekeeper sometimes helps wounds better than modern antibiotics.

Claudia is a beekeeper and herbalist by passion. Her small, wild garden is the perfect food base for her bee colonies. In addition to honey, Claudia also makes all kinds of home remedies from herbs, including ointments, teas, ....
In this video, she tells us how healthy the combination of honey and ribwort plantain is for coughs - a true miracle cure:


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