The story of klumping

After a visit to the 1972 Toboggan World Championships in Olang (South Tyrol), a group from Tulfes were particularly struck by the sight of a snow vehicle known to the locals as a "Rennböckele". This was not unlike a toboggan, but with a single runner. A metal runner is attached beneath the carrier board and then a wooden seat placed crosswise on top. The toboggan fans from Tulfes were so impressed by this single-runner sledge that they made their own version of it when they got back home.
As no-one could remember what name was given to this unusual wintersports-mobile, the Tulfes team came up with the term "klumper". And so the "Tulfes Klumper Club" was founded that same year. Soon after the locals replaced the original metal runner with a ski and this model remains in use today.

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