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The Geier

The Geier - a popular destination in the Wattener Lizum - Wattenberg
You won't be on your own

The tour from the Lizumer hut on the Geier is one of the most popular routes in the Wattener Lizum. That's no surprise as the 2,858-m high mountain is a fantastic spot for skiing technique and for views.

The German word Geier means vulture, so at its highest point instead of the usual summit cross, there's a small metal sculpture of the bird of prey.
Route description:
Situated above the tree-line, the tour's starting point, the Lizumer hut at 2,019m, affords a fine view out over the valley and towards the south along what is mostly a pre-tracked route down into the valley floor. Leisurely to start with, the terrain then rises in a south-westerly direction to around 2,650m. There then follows a steeper east-facing slope to the striking summing plateau, from where there is a stunning view, the best part being towards the Tux main ridge.
There are a number of options for the downhill route from the Geier. The classic one runs alongside the uphill trail via some fantastic slopes as far as the Lizumer hut. It is advisable to follow the marked ski descent into the valley. This follows the right-hand side of the valley usually along a narrow track. It is sometimes the case that in the spring the lowest section of the descent is already clear of snow, so it is worth asking the hut manager about the conditions. This tour can be extended from Walchen - in which case there is an elevation gain of 1,450m and climbing time increases by approx. 2 hours.

Starting point: Lizumer hut (Mountain hut taxi) - Wattenberg
Ascent: approx. 2.5 hours
Elevation gain: approx. 850m
Countryside: alpine with many fine views
Fitness level: good
Skiing skills: average