Starting point Mils Bogner Aste (B)

Gnadenwald Circuit: 7.2 km (No. 5)

Level of difficulty: medium
Distance: 7,216 m
Metres in altitude: 173 hm
Max. gradient: 27,8%
Average gradient: 1,0%
Start/Finish altitude: 798 m
Surface: Mainly forest and woodland trails

Course profile: A route through the beautiful mixed forest, mostly even with slight gradients. The route is only interrupted by two strength-sapping climbs. These present challenges to the stamina.
Course route: The route leads from the starting point at the Bogner Aste toward Schottergrube (gravel pit), then the root takes a steep uphill gradient for more than 1 km along the edge of the forest and then runs on an almost even plane through the beautiful mixed forest of the Neiss. After making a loop, the route then heads down toward fields and meadows before climbing up toward Speckbacherhof. Heading back through a sparse woodland, you then double back along a short section, continue along the forest mile and the Schottergrube (gravel pit) until you return to the starting point.
Connecting route from Bogner Aste – Thaur: 7.3 km (No. 6)

Level of difficulty: medium
Distance: 7,288 m
Metres in altitude: 286 hm
Max. gradient: 58 %
Average gradient: 2,7 %
Start/Finish altitude: 798 m
Surface: Forest trails, asphalt, gravel

Route description: A connecting route on the popular Adolf Pichler-Weg route to the starting point in Thaur. Here hikers can join the fell-running trail to the Thaurer Alm lodge and tackle a challenging tour leading past St. Romedius Church and Thaur Castle.

Route: Starting from the Bogner Aste car park, the route joins up with the Besinnungsweg (trail of reflection) to the entrance to Halltal Valley. The route then turns towards the Adolf Pichler Trail path which you follow to Thaur. The short climb to St. Romedius Church is worth it for the beautiful views. Continue to Thaur Castle and then to the starting point for the routes around Thaur, which is located on the Adolf Pichler Trail.
Runstboden circuit: 8.2 km (No. 7)

Level of difficulty: difficult
Distance: 8,217 m
Metres in altitude: 390 hm
Max. gradient: 45,5 %
Average gradient: 2,2 %
Start/Finish altitude: 798 m
Surface: Forest trails, asphalt, gravel

Route profile: Passing the ski jump in the middle of the forest at the entrance to the Halltal Valley, this challenging and varied route takes hikers to the Runstboden, which boasts magnificent vistas.

Route: Starting from the Bogner Aste car park, the Runstboden circuit leads towards Halltal Valley. Passing the forest playground and hidden ski jump, the route continues further into the Halltal Valley. You finally reach the other side of the valley at the Bergerkapelle chapel. The route briefly takes you onto a path which is used as a toboggan run in winter. After this you follow a picturesque route across the Runstboden. Above the Andreas Hofer barracks, the route returns to the shooting range and back to Bogner Aste above the Walderbrücke valley area.

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