Starting point Innsteg Hall in Tyrol (F)

Guggerinsel Circuit: 3.5 km (No. 17)

Level of difficulty: easy
Distance: 3.527 m
Metres in altitude: 27 hm
Max. gradient: 25,5%
Average gradient: 0,5%
Start/Finish altitude: 560m
Surface: Forest trails, asphalt, gravel

Route profile: The route runs along the Inn and circles the Guggerinsel or Gugger Island, the beautiful recreation area of Hall. The circuit is particularly suitable for beginners.

Course route: The route starts off from Innsteg and leads along the Inn toward the east. After passing the Guggerinsel playground, you turn around again at the bridge in order to head back along the railway embankment. The route leads past the sports ground to the large bridge over the Inn. Pass beneath the bridge and head back to the starting point.
Tempo Course: 1.0 km (No. 18)

Level of difficulty: easy
Distance: 1.000 m
Metres in altitude: 2 hm
Max. gradient: 1,1%
Average gradient: 1,0%
Start/Finish altitude: 560 m
Surface: gravel

Route profile: This even tempo course along the Inn is ideal for athletic runners to measure time and compete against the clock.

Tempo Course: The evenly running tempo course is marked with signs every 100 m and is perfectly suitable for running practice. The overall length of 1000 m has been precisely measured. The tempo run is a very effective way to train the specific aerobic fitness level. This type of training consists of a run at a constant speed over several minutes. The running intensity during the tempo run lies slightly below or around the anaerobic threshold. The heart rate during training lies at around 75 to 85 % of the maximum heart rate. The intensity of the run should be perceived as brisk to fast, but also as limber and relaxed. Beginners are recommended a tempo run of up a maximum 20 minutes.

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