Adventmarkt Hall Ewelina 2022 (20)

Skating and boarding

Wheelie tables, jump ramp, flat rail ...
Funpark - Hall
It's a mini-paradise for skateboarders and inline skaters of all age groups. Hall Funpark boasts a vert ramp, a mini ramp, a funbox, curb cut, quarters, jump ramps, wheelie tables, banks, stairs and rails. These obstacles, occupying a space 1,300 sq.m in area and selected, co-ordinated and developed with assistance from representatives from the world of skating and in-line skating , enable both skateboarders and inline skaters to acquire more skills and to develop them to a very high level.

For many years now, the reputation of this complex has extended way beyond Austria's borders, so that photo-shoots and exhibition programmes by various professional teams are a regular occurrence here. The funpark attracts young enthusiasts like a magnet. Even streetballers have enough space here to let off steam. The funpark also has facilities for other sports, such as volleyball and speed tennis.
Opening times:
April until October 14.00 − 22.00 (restricted winter use possible). Closed in bad weather.

- under 15 years € 1
- from 15 years € 1.30
- season ticket €25
- season ticket for Hall residents €20

An important aspect of the work with and for skaters is the regular re-equipping and renovation (e.g. repair of ramps) of the skate park. Every year new obstacles are acquired and the layout of the equipment is frequently re-organised.
To the great delight of all skaters.
In the spring of 2003, skaters worked for a week in tandem with "park in" staff to build what is known as the "Kurhausstiege", a special attraction designed by Matti Prugger at the "park – in" skate park. In 2004 the London Gap was added.

park in
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Inline skating section on the Inn cycleway
The Inn cycleway from Gasthof Badl (Hall) as far as Wattens and Crystal Worlds can be used for inline skating.