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Mariastein Pilgrimage Church

The Mariastein Pilgrimage Church has been a popular place of pilgrimage since 1600. It has a commanding location on top of a 14-metre (45-ft.) cliff. The castle was built by the lords of Freundsberg around 1360 to guard the Roman road which used to run below it. In 1470, the lords of Ebbs had a spacious chapel erected where they placed a statue of the Virgin Mary. Baron Karl von Schluff purchased the ensemble in 1587 and according to legend, took the statue several times to Bavaria. The next day, however, the statue would always be found in its original location in Mariastein. This is the reason why the chapel became a pilgrimage church. Followers worship the stone statue of the Madonna in the gothic Chapel of Grace/grotto.
Mariastein ©Albin Niederstrasse
Distance: About 61 kilometres (37 miles)

Walking time
You can drive directly to the church; 150 steps take you to the top of the 42-metre (137-ft.) steeple
  • ©Fotostudio West Wörgl
  • ©Ferienregion Hohe Salve
  • ©Albin Niederstrasser