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Locherboden Pilgrimage Church

Maria Locherboden Pilgrimage Church was built on Sassberg ridge close to the Mieming mountain range in 1901. The neo-gothic church has a splendid cliff top setting and can be seen from miles away. Pilgrimages were held to a picture of Our Lady of Succor at the mine tunnel entrance as early as 1740. In the mid-18th century, a miracle made Locherboden well known to pilgrims beyond the borders of the Tyrol. Maria Kalb was miraculously cured from a fatal illness after praying to the picture. This led to the erection of a Chapel of Grace at the tunnel entrance to house the increasing number of pilgrims. The pilgrimage church was then built in 1901. Maria Locherboden has not lost any of its fascination over the centuries, still attracting people from near and far. It is a place of pilgrimage for those seeking help and has become a popular destination for people who take pleasure in the spectacular mountain setting and spirituality of the location.
©Innsbruck Tourismus – Photo by Laichner
Distance: About 54 kilometres (34 miles)

Walking time
A few minutes’ walk on a tarmac road from Locherboden car park; or park at the next car park and walk about 15 minutes on a flat trail past the Stations of the Cross; or start out from Stams in the Inn valley: head north and cross the suspension bridge over the Inn and walk up to the pilgrimage church (about 1 hour)
  • ©Innsbruck Tourismus
  • ©Innsbruck Tourismus
  • ©Innsbruck Tourismus – Photo by Laichner