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Largoz – a short ski tour for every winter month - Volders
Idyllic slopes and woodland descents

If after a fresh snowfall you want to be the first to leave your mark on the Largoz, the peak fronting the mountain range between the Volders and Wattens valleys, then you will have to make an early start.

Because firstly the 2,214-m high Largoz is one of the most popular, but also a relatively safe ski touring destination and secondly a popular choice for training tours.
Route description:
This tour, which starts above the Krepperhütte at approx. 1,400m, quickly requires a decision: If you wish, you can follow the toboggan path on the right side or the downhill on the left side - but for the best encounter with the natural world, the middle path, which winds its way up through the forest, is surely the best option. When there's been fresh fall of snow, the ascent into this idyllic snowscape is a pure delight. The trail crosses the forest track a number of times, before the open mountain pasture starts just beneath the Largozalm.
Enjoy the first view over the Inn valley from this idyllic mountainside village at 1,963m, but then keep right on a wide ridge. The track leads to the summit in a south-easterly direction through troughs and via some short, steep sections. For the descent: the gentle slopes down to the Largozalm are great fun. From here, only good skiers should venture off the forest trail that winds down the mountainside. This tour can be extended in many ways - from Volders the elevation gain is approx. 1,600m.

Starting point: Car-park above and below the Krepperhütte
Ascent: approx. 2 to 2.5 hours
Elevation gain: approx. 820m
Countryside: stunning view over the Inn valley
Fitness level: average
Skiing skills: average