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Geocaching Powertrail "Call of the Eagle"
An amazing geocache trail in the heart of Tyrol/Austria

The fantastic mountain scenery of the Tux Alps is one of the many impressing nature highlights you'll find on this Powertrail. The trail is easy to reach because it's situated in the center of the Tyrolean Inn Valley. Nevertheless this Geocache Tour still offers pure nature: "Call of the Eagle" is a pure hiking trail, because it's not possible to collect the caches by car. You could use the mountain bike from the part of Volderwildbad to Tulfein hut (Tulfein Alm). From now on you can only continue by hiking. In order to complete this Powertrail you have to plan for two days.

As overnight accommodation you can choose the Glungezer hut (Glungezerhütte) or the Voldertal hut (Voldertalhütte)
Please inform yourself in advance about the weather conditions and take care in high alpine terrain!

Detailed information to the Geocaching route "Call of the Eagle"

Sections - Geocaching Trail Part 1:

Part # 1 (= A-Trail) leads from the parking Volderwildbad/Grossvolderberg (1,104m) via Windegg (1,216m) in the direction of Neue Gufl (1,337m), then on to the Gluckserhütte (1,362m) up to Halsmarter. From there it goes up to the Tulfein hut (Tulfein Alm at 2,026m) and then via Schäferhütte (2,300m) on to the Glungezerhütte (2,610m)

Distance: about 13.5 kilometers
Elevation uphill: 1,837 meters
Elevation downhill: 352 meters
Time: about 6 hours and 40 minutes without breaks
Cache number: 53

Sections - Geocaching Trail Part 2:

Part # 2 (= B-Trail) leads from the Glungezerhütte (2,610m) via the Eagle walk route number 72 to the Glungezer summit (2,677m), on to the peak of Gamslahner Spitze (2,681m). The next summit is Kreuzspitze (2,746m ), then followed by the peak of Rosenjoch (2,796m), continue over the Grünbergspitze (2,790m) to the peak of Grafmartspitze (2,720m), now you will reach the southernmost point - the Naviser Joch (2,479m), from here you have to walk downhill towards Steinkasern (2,002m) , continue over the Klausboden (1,821m) to the Vorberg Alm (1,668m), after that you'll find Dörfl (1,400m) and the Voldertalhütte (1,376m) and hike back to the starting point (parking Volderwildbad 1,104m).

Distance: about 17.7 kilometers
Elevation uphill: 627 meters
Elevation downhill: Altitude drop: 2,114 meters
Time: about 6 hours and 50 minutes without breaks
Cache number: 90

There are about 150 caches to discover (53 caches on part 1 and 90 caches on part 2).
We hope you enjoy the tour planning and especially the hike and geocaching itself.
Please reserve your overnight stay at the Glungezerhütte, Tel. +43 5223 78018, email: or the Voldertalhütte, Tel. +43 664 9757447, email:

Important instructions:
The Eagle walk route number 72 is an area that should not be underestimated. We advise families not to walk this route with children. You should be absolute sure-footed, not be afraid of heights and in a very good condition to do this geocaching tour without problems!
When searching and logging please turn on the stealth mode. Depending on the time of day and week you'll meet many other hikers.
Please do not use markers that are larger than one line (maximum 5mm), otherwise you will waste a lot of space.
Please do not use large labels (again space problem).
It is not forbidden to replace a damaged container or to put in another logbook, it it is demaged or wet. We use caches with a length of 14 cm.

Please note:
There is a fairly clear image and a helpful hint for each cache. Therefore all caches can be found easily because it's the only place where they can can be.

It is not allowed to pick protected plants. Please pay attention to flora and fauna!

The optimal hiking period is from mid-May to the end of October.
The caches are not winter safe throughout!

ATTENTION! Observe high alpine dangers!
Please be aware of the high alpine dangers at this altitude. Find out in advance about the weather conditions. Do not leave the marked paths - risk of falling!

Please send me the geodata for the Powertrail "Call of the Eagle"