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Former Summer Residence of Hall Royal Convent

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Ceiling fresco in the hall of Magdalena

(Faistenberg Summer Residence or Magdalena Hall)

After its secularisation in 1783, very few of the significant art treasures in the former Hall Convent remained on the premises – so it is a stroke of luck that the building in the Stiftsgarten, which consists of a large banqueting hall, together with the side rooms and its original frescoes, have survived relatively unscathed for almost three centuries.
Immerse yourself in the Baroque era and allow this Baroque total work of art to weave its magic spell on you during a guided tour of house and garden (duration: 1 hour).

Please note: The guided tour is by prior arrangement and will only go ahead in fine weather (max. 15 persons per tour)!

For guided tours please contact:
Tel.: +43 699 10152133