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FIS Code of Conduct for Cross-country Skiers

1. Respect for others
A cross-country skier must ski in such a manner that he does not endanger or
prejudice others.

2. Respect for signs, direction and running style
Trail marking signs must be respected on any trail marked with an indicated
direction. A skier shall proceed only in that indicated direction and ski in the
indicated running style.

3. Choice of trails and tracks
On cross-country trails with more than one packed track, a skier should choose
the right-hand track.
Skiers in groups must keep in the right track behind each other. With free
running style, skiers shall keep to their right-hand-side of the trail.

4. Overtaking
A skier is permitted to overtake and pass another skier to the left or right.
A skier ahead is not obliged to give way to an overtaking skier, but should allow
a faster skier to pass whenever this is possible.

5. Encounter
Cross-country skiers meeting while skiing opposite directions shall keep to their
A descending skier has priority.

6. Poles
A cross-country skier shall make the utmost effort to keep his poles close to his
body when near another skier.

7. Control of speed
A cross-country skier, and especially going downhill, shall always adapt his
speed to his personal ability and to the prevailing terrain and visibility and to the
traffic on the course.
Every skier should keep a safe distance from the skiers ahead. As a last resort,
an intentional fall should be used to avoid collision.

8. Keeping trails and tracks clear
A skier who stops must leave the trail. In case of a fall, he shall clear the trail
without delay.

9. Accident
In case of an accident, everyone should render assistance.

10. Identification
Everybody at an accident, whether witnesses, responsible parties or not, must
establish their identity.