Eagles' Trail

Long distance hike on the wings of the eagle

For centuries, the eagle has been a native of the Tyrolean region. It represents freedom, strength and breadth. The route of the Eagles' Trail, the new signposted footpath through the Tyrol, represents a proud eagle extending its "wings" across the country.

The walker follows the route of its wings. Approx. 280km in length, it is made up of over 31 stages (incl. Alpine alternatives) of varying lengths and difficulty.
In the Hall-Wattens region, the Eagles' Trail runs from
- the Hallerangerhaus in the Hall valley (Absam) as far as the Hafelekar (Innsbruck) and
- from the Patscherkofel (Innsbruck/Igls) via the Stone Pine Path as far as the Tulfeinalm (Tulfes).

If you take each stage at a time, a delightful landscape will be unveiled, while at the same time you sample warm Tyrolean hospitality.

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