Crystal hike

The famous Swarovski Crystal

"Crystals are the medium for the soul. The light from the facets is in resonance with the facets of the unconscious." Light and crystal researcher Peter Mande
Swarovski is a fascinating history of innovation, creativity and social commitment, with the crystal always being in the core of the action. Inspired by nature and the lush things in life, the enchanting crystal objects spread a sense of happiness and well-being.

Famous Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski crystal has enchanted young and old, big and small for more than 125 years. Hardly anyone can withstand its overwhelming attraction. And Swarovski’s Crystal Worlds are also something else. A water spouting Giant magically lures visitors into its interior, where Chambers of Wonders ignite the flames of fantasy, and artistic works blur the boundaries between imagination and reality.
Just like company founder Daniel Swarovski I. consistently pursued his visionary ideas, Swarovski continues its crystal fairy tale under the motto ‘The Art of Crystal Fiction’.

There is a stamping station on the Historic circular walk!

Crystal Hiking Trail: Historic circular walk

Historic circular walk

Historic circular walk
Historic circular walk

No other region in the Tyrol's Inn Valley can boast so many places of cultural interest as the area between Volders and Wattens.


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