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Churches and monasteries - Wattens

St. Mary's Parish Church - Wattens

"We have enjoyed good fortune here in Wattens. We should thank the Lord for that and build for him a fine church." These were the words spoken by company founder Daniel Swarovski as he lay on his death-bed. His wishes were fulfilled in 1954 when work on the church began. This timelessly modern house of God on the spacious Marienplatz was completed in 1958 and dedicated to the "Immaculate Conception".

Church of St Laurentius - Wattens

The Church of St Laurentius in Wattens is an architectural gem and its beauty enhances the centre of Wattens. Excavation work carried our during renovation work revealed that, as the name of the church suggests, its origins go back to Roman times. The St Laurentius Parish Church was first mentioned in documents in 1318.

After several fires the present church was rebuilt in Classical style and consecrated in 1820. A bronze plaque from 1983 recalls Father Jakob Gapp, who was executed on August 13th, 1943 in Berlin for remaining loyal to his beliefs.

In 1996, Father Gapp was beatified by the Pope in Rome. He is venerated as the patron saint of the lonely, the persecuted and people in desperate situations.

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