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Churches and monasteries - Mils

Parish Church - Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary - Mils

The first recorded mention of the Church of the Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Mariä Himmelfahrt) was in 1215. The church was destroyed by fire in 1791. Reconstruction began in 1792, with the consecration taking place in 1804. Further renovation and restoration work followed in 1908, 1964 and 1976/77. Despite all the rebuilding work, the late Baroque appearance has been retained. The striking feature of the church's interior is the classical-style alteration. Rudolf Margreiter created the ceiling frescoes in 1907.

Church of St. Anna - Mils

Hidden away inside the late-Gothic Church of St. Anna to the south of the cemetery wall is a very special work of art: a wood carving depicting Christ with three of his disciples, Peter, John and James on the Mount of Olives dating from the 16th century. One legend has it that a ship carrying the figures to Vienna on the River Inn ran aground and so, by God's will, the carvings arrived in Mils.

The Church of St Anna may be viewed.