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Churches and monasteries - Baumkirchen

St Laurentius Parish Church - Baumkirchen

The St Laurentius Parish Church was first mentioned in documents in 1310. It was enlarged in the 15th century and larger windows installed. When it underwent renovation in 1896, an attempt was made to revert to Gothic style. A neo-Gothic altar was installed, the old ceiling fresco painted over, church and tower repainted and the portal renewed.

Above the entrance, the academic painter Franz Fuchs from Hall drew a painting of the church's patron saint.

Service: Sunday 9.00 and 19.30

St Anna Chapel - Baumkirchen

The St Anna Chapel am Kreuzbühel was built in 1650 by Thomas Gapp and other benefactors. A striking feature of this chapel is its similarity in ground plan with churches attributed to the creator of the famous Karlskirche in Vienna, Dr Hippolytus Guarinoni. The altar is in early Baroque style, rather reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance.

The St Anna Chapel was favoured in particular by those seeking rest, but it gained in importance when it was adopted by the St Anna Brotherhood, a religious movement founded in 1710. The St Anna Chapel may be viewed.

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