Path of Contemplation

Absam - Gnadenwald

"The path is a symbol for life. Our life story is full of false starts, departures, detours, meanderings, cul-de-sacs, labyrinths and destinations."

For many people, the quest for spiritual inspiration has become a matter of survival. When we lead such busy lives, it is very difficult to find tranquillity and a chance to get right inside our soul.

This unfortunate fact arouses in many people a yearning for "more from life" and often they come to realise that it is worth breaking out and seeking new paths.

The Path of Contemplation from Absam to Gnadenwald – St Martin provides an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle and to spend time consciously walking, looking, listening, smelling and feeling, in order to satisfy this yearning.

The nine stations along the path are focussed on the words of the Beatitudes. Each one is designed so that our eyes are directed towards the insignificant and the self-evident, things we invariably rush past on our daily round.

The stations are designed to draw attention to oneself, to one's hopes and anxieties, to happiness derived from little things, to disappointments, to questions and doubts.
The Beatitudes show that we can experience the promise of happiness today, as long as we turn our attention to what in the end really matters.

We wish upon those walkers who take the Path of Contemplation receptive senses, moments of reflection and an experience confirming that the Beatitudes matter in the everyday course of events. It is the place where heaven and earth touch.

North of Gasthof Walderbrücke, a footpath leads towards Gnadenwald and the Way of Contemplation (or Besinnungsweg) - from the Walderkapelle (chapel) to the St Martin monastery.

Bus connections:
Bus service E - Bettelwurfsiedlung bus-stop

To Hall bus timetable:

Buslinie D/E

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Walking time:
Approx. 50 minutes

Food and drink:
Gasthof Walderbrücke
Walderstrasse 5, 6067 Absam
Tel.: +43 (0)5223 57916
Closed Wednesday and Thursday

No. 11, 6060 Gnadenwald
Tel.: +43 (0)5223 52501
Closed Tuesday

Wirtshaus Speckbacker
St. Martin 2, 6060 Gnadenwald
Tel.: +43 (0)5223 52511
Open all week